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Glow Show-NO!

My sophomore year in band, we did a “light show” for homecoming, where everyone would wear glowsticks and stuff and they’d turn the lights off in the stadium and then we’d march our show. BAD idea. We were marching and I had no idea where I was going, and so I ran smack into somebody- it was my CRUSH. He accidentally slammed his trumpet into my hands and I dropped my piccolo on the ground and somebody stepped on it. It was HORRIBLE. After the show, I tried to play my piccolo but it was broken and no sound came out. I told my band director, and he just pressed some keys and started playing it in front of everybody, then gave it to me and said it was fine. I felt really stupid, but we all still laugh about it to this day. And hey, it gave my crush and I something to talk about! 😀

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