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Event T-Shirt Fundraiser Program

Our program is very simple...

We will produce an event shirt for your event, band, parent volunteers, etc.

There are NO up front costs, no overrun costs, no leftovers for your school.

We can either sell the event shirts for you or assist your staff in selling the shirts.

After the event, we give a full report on sales and you get a pre-determined amount for every sale.

BandLife takes all left over shirts without deducting from your fundraising funds.

BandLife will also include 12 Event Staff or Volunteer Shirts with your event.

It keeps getting better. The shirts for your students, parents and volunteers are available at cost.

It's a Win, Win, Win for everyone. 

Please contact us for more information or if you have questions.


Do you like our designs?

Customize one of "our" shirts for your group.

We are extremely competitive in our prices!